Merc Medic; Deceased?


One term of Army or Agent or somesuch.

Stats 3709A4.

Medic 1, Investigate 1.

Equipment: Medkit, revolver (3d6-3, 6 rounds, recoil 0), Mesh (AR2), comm


One of the four members of the bounty hunter team that came after the crew of the Belial in Eye of the Ancients. Valdo survived the engagement and was taken prisoner, along with Red, and help captive by Alan. Alan then shipped them back to Corbron in low berth at the first opportunity, sparing their lives and giving them instructions to tell Makkan not to mess with him.

Valdo next appeared in On the Run in the Torrent Belt in Vega, where he was working as a medic in an underground combat cybernetics clinic. He ran into Alan, and offered him a potential contract for delivery of combat implants. However, he is believed to have been slain by Makkan while the crew of the NAME was raiding the office of Trevor and Clyde, the human traffickers, but not before warning Alan that Makkan was in the Belt.


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