The Hunter


Makkan served in the Imperial Marines with Alan Murdoch in the Great Crusade, and they competed for promotion and recognition. After the death of the Prophet during the Siege of Earth, Makkan remained loyal to the Imperium. He retired from the Marines and now hunts enemies of the state to keep himself sharp.

Now that Alan and company are fugitives, Makkan has made hunting his old rival a priority. He was responsible for the attack on the crew of the Belial at the research station on XV-12 in Eye of the Ancients, and then led the hunt for the PCs on the Far Trader Reckless Endeavor in On the Run. Believed dead after being stranded and potentially cut in half with a starship pulse laser on the Hollow Moon containing the first part of the Annulus following the destruction of the Bane of Heathens.


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