Stats: 497B66-C.
Telepathy 2
Deception 1
Stealth 1
Awareness 0
Telekinesis 0
Streetwise 0
Melee 0
Trade 0
Carouse 0
Admin 0
Age 26 (Two terms of Psion / Wilder)
Oh man, she’s gotten like… 12 weeks of experience. That’s 3 more skills at level 0. I should figure those out at some point. Probably Steward, Zero-G, and… maybe Vacc Suit? Or Clairvoyance. And since then, like another three months of training. I’m not keeping track of this; her misc skills are probably not generally important.

No equipment to speak of.


An attractive female psion who escaped aboard Belial in transit from Clint to Vega during A Tangled Web. Highly intelligent, and possesses Telepathy, Awareness, and just enough Telekinesis to slap Alan. A native of Clint who left to escape the psion hunts organized by Mjolnir Corp, she’s currently without a home and feeling adrift. During the events of On the Run, she became more of a member of the crew, studying psi under Tsilri, supervising refugee passengers, and eventually bonding to the piece of the Annulus found in the Hollow Moon. She traveled with the crew for several months, serving as a stewardess and holding down the fort while they were out exploring. She left the party at the beginning of Memeplague to study at the Marnegie-Kellon University’s Psionic Development Institute on Lotus while the university studied the Annulus.


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