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Back Story:

The Divine Imperium: We haven’t met any aliens as we go into space. The Prophet arose on earth, badmouthed telepaths, and then started a war that got him killed and the imperium started.

Me (Tsilri): I was a lab experiment for a corrupt company durring the days before the Divine Imperium. Company got nuked during the siege of Terra; I managed to get a lot of people out, and stole an alien artifact. I’ve been working with them since.

The Map: It’s a weird alien map to some solar system that we haven’t quite made it to yet.

The Imperium isn’t nice. We’ve sort of been on the run on a merchant liner with Capt. Handy. We’re in orbit around a volcanic planet; we’re out of fuel (and the jump drive on the liner’s shot. The scout ship’s is OK, but there’s not enough space for everyone in it).

The planet: Small, volcanic moon w/ magnetic anomaly. We know where it is. There’s a planetside Imperium research station. Crikey!

We land the merchant liner on the opposite side of the planet and take our scout ship in to examine the anomaly. We need respirators (thin, tainted atmosphere). Ship’s locker.

The Artifact: Not natural, but not human. There’s an entry 10 meters up.

(Found an ancient defense drone that had been activated by the scientists from the research base. Between Alan’s assault rifle, Tsilri’s telekinesis, and plain good luck on Bones’ part, they disable it with no casualties)

There are 3 of us, the noble (Duke Chandreshakar of Vega), and 4 dead scientists, and 4 hours of air. Noble wants salvage, may know a friend back at research station. I DON’T WANNA GO!

Begin Session 2: Eye of the Ancients

We go to base; their entrance to artifact is not 30 ft up.

We have air. Scientists are sad. We meet the security guy (James Crick). Jared has character.
We heal.

Sun comes up. Back to ruins. Yay.
Bring extra air; we have 12 hours of air, 6 now and 6 stashed at the intersection where we met the robot.

There’s a door behind where the robot was. What’re we going to do about it?
-Weird control panel; the door opens.

We’ve converted from stone passages to metal passages; we’re inside the artifact.
-Interior: It’s built in a series of concentric rings, sloping down toward… something.

Encounter: We have supply closets. They’re full of stuff.
-We find tanks. They’re full of gas. Bones tries huffing it.
-Nothing really happens, but he feels weird.
-We find spheres of organic material; someone’s lunch?

We wants air. We gets air. Tell the station to bring more air.

We go back to the inner ring, and get blocked by the cave-in. We speculate lava-flow.

Try the other way; we see phosphorescence along the walls. It’s worms; 2-foot long worms.
-Bones pokes it. We have found the amazing farting space maggots.

Back to the central corridor; we air up. We now have 2 sets of reserves.


We get to THE CORE!!!

There’s a door; it’s locked.

Microkinesis: I opened the panel.

The door opens; there is very hot air inside.
“What do you see? I see wondrous things”

It’s big, it’s glowing, and it’s talking to us.

Life Detection: There’s nothing alive in here.

Not necessary; the computer starts talking to us.

We start talking to it; the area is safe.

It takes us 6 hours to talk to the computer. (To teach it English, basically)

What’s your purpose?
-Monitoring station 42. Monitoring this area of space. This area of space is pretty damn big, and it’s not amused that people are wandering through its mountain-sized telescope.

-The ancients were here; last ship from home was zillions of years ago.

The computer updates the map artifact, AND shows us the homeworld of the ancients; it’s far outside the galaxy.

What were you monitoring?
-Observed stellar development, planet formation.
Is their life-support?

Map of the facility; as we thought.

There were other monitoring stations, but they were lost.

Nothing to repair a jump drive.

We get a copy of his data; it’s a couple million years of astronomical data.

Signal from Dewy (Merchant crewman left on the scout ship to monitor sensors and comms); ship incoming 12 hours.

6 hours back to the scout ship.

Incoming ship; it’s the resupply ship for the station.

We could use parts from the scout ship.

Bones fails epically; the scout ship is in pieces. We need parts, or passage for 18 people.

We should request passage; the duke may or may not be inclined to help us.

The duke’s inclined to help us, but a few of the traders look like they recognize us.
-The group:
-Jance: the sniper
-Valdo: the medic
-Grip: the thug
-Red: the leader
-Appear to be planning;
-Jance is on nearby hill w/ rifle, others are around the ship.
-They know we’re in the research team’s modules.
-They want to kill us; there’s a half-million credit bounty on us.
-We need to get the captain on our side, and

I head back to the ship by a way they can’t see.

Combat ensues. One’s dead, one isn’t very happy, and the other’s about to get real talkative.

Psi-Probe Red
I am now completely out of psi.
Who do they work for?
-They got a tip from the bounty hunter Makkan. Alan knows him
-Give Makkan a message; we’re not to be frelled with.
-We’ve already killed one; keep them busy.

Now that’s over, Bones and Crick get on the far trader and buy the jump drive parts (They booked passage on the supply ship to hex 0408, an industrial world. Bought spare ships parts, and some other things. Bones barely avoids getting caught by the police while sneaking C4 into the starport. Then they bought passage back to the research station.).
I spend a lot of time shooting up lava flows. I may even graduate to the inside of the barn door.

I now has my psi again.

Before they jump, they notice a derelict space station.

Back on the rock:
Prisoners are out of here; goodbye Handsy.

Let’s try this again; we’ve now got two jump drives to fix.

Fixed the scout ship AND the merchant ship; we have 1 ton of jump drive parts to sell (or keep around for next time something breaks…).

We bid the gnomes (er, merchants) farewell.

We’re refueling in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant, and find a derelict ship in tidal lock. No rad, no life-signs.

We get closer, and we come under the impression that it’s not human in origin; this might be the intergalactic supply ship from the Ancient outpost.

Begin Session 3: Ghost Ship

Getting on board. Port?

We use Vacc suits. There is happiness.

We get through the airlock in 3 minutes.

We’re in the spaceship. There is an atmosphere, but it’s not all that great.

We dock in the front so that we can clear areas as we come to them. We see cargo areas; there’s stuff.
-Containers: We get them open; ancient spam, and something that’s not spam; looks like MREs.
-We spend an hour hauling crates; we want as much as we can get.
-We take a representative sample.
-Open the MRE; we think they’re drugs. Medical, Recreational, or Combat?
-Bones does drugs (Thought he just ran tests on them; not horribly toxic to humans), we haul crates.

We look around. No corpses in the launch bay…
Grid layout by compartment.

Tim goes off by his own.

We’re walking along, and there’s something inscribed on the ceiling; it looks like it was written; it looks almost like a fractile. We (Crick) takes a picture with his iphone. It’s probably a psi effect, but like nothing I’ve ever seen; other people get headaches.

I pull a counselor troi and open my mind to it. I see it expand infinitely around me (like a fractal,) but I can’t fathom its meaning. It’s not trying to kill me, but I can’t understand it.

We look around; we’re in living quarters. We find cryo-pods. One of them was forced open from the outside. Bom Bom BOOOOOOOOOOOM!

The cryo-pods are about human-size. Hmm.

The rooms themselves look like whoever left did so in a hurry, but not mary celeste style.

We find a computer… Several computers, but they’re out of power.

Let’s look for main engineering. We’re heading aft, and find some disabled elevators. We walk down the elevators.

We head into engineering. We open a door; it’s kind of a galley/eating area. There exist tables… Floating tables. John is drawing a map; it’s combat time (Hmm… fine, next time I won’t). There are a couple of glowing green spheres that are just floating.

Tim pokes one. It’s warm and fuzzy. Tim (Alan) squeezes it; it starts moving, and goes through a wall. It’s not strictly corporeal, or the wall isn’t strictly corporeal. We test the wall; it’s pretty solid.

The globes start glowing brighter and pulsing more. One shoots lightning at Crick (When he tries the same thing Alan did).

Tim (Alan) shoots it. The bullets go through it, and it turns translucent. It’s still chasing Crick.

BRAIN PUNCH!!! It’s not happy. It’s not happy all over the place.

Let’s not touch another one of those, ok? (And thus ends the infamous ‘space boobs’ incident)

Alan finds something interesting. He finds liquid that is probably booze for these people.

Let’s keep going. We get further into engineering; things look wrong. The corridors look out of proportion and skewed. Honey, we shrunk the Aurora. The corridor is doing the samba in no perceptible pattern.

We do a test; objects don’t move in a straight line; creepy, but things are good.

The comms work, but they’re scratchy; less good.

This is getting screwy; let’s go to the bridge. Alan/Bones keep going, we go to the bridge.

Crick starts seeing things out of the corner of the eye. Let’s not worry about it.
The bridge is… A bridge!!!

Any messages? Someone was scratching something into the workstation, but they left off mid-symbol.

Corpses!!!! What do they look like? After this long, not a lot. (Dust. Wind. Dude.)
Equipment!!!! They have PISTOLS!!! Look like some kind of disc launchers! 4 of them.
-Nice guns. They have a cylinder of metal.
-Not sure what the ammo capacity is.
-The ammo clips look partially depleted; they were shooting at something.

Rest of the bridge is dead.

Meanwhile, back in the twilight zone…

Alan/Bones royally fail to see something. Something bad. It’s black, and made of fangs. IT MISSES!!!

Alan/Bones fail init. Alan takes MAD damage…. #define MAD 3. (Grr combat armor)

They get a good look at it; it’s BIG – panther size. Not sure how it came out of nowhere.

Combat is happening.

It flees (After Alan unloads on it and it goes incorporeal), going through the corner between deck and wall. This causes the corridor to shift more.

We catch up with them; they’re arguing about silencers.

We are in the twilight zone. We’re looking for engineering to fix the drives.

I know EXACTLY what happened! “We got cabin fever! We got cabin fever!”

We keep walking; the ship is REALLY doing the samba.

We come to a blast door. We hack it! We hack hacking it!
-It makes a bit more sense than it should; something is manipulating our (er, Crick’s) brains!

The door is open. It is THE REACTOR CHAMBER!

The reactor is cold, but space is trippier than woodstock.

In the room, there are about 20 of these white, worm-esque things floating through the rooms. They’re small size. Alan pokes one. Nothing happens.

We go back to the ship. We get air. We’re confused by the trippiness.
I’m back to P14

We move the ship to an airlock closer.

We’re in a different section of engineering; we’re in the drive chamber.
-The Intergalactic stardrive!!! Problem is, it’s doing the samba.
-We take spare parts, fuel, and document EVERYTHING. There’s data that someone will want.

life detection: There are minds, but not standard minds. I’m getting animal intelligence signals, but they’re fading in and out of existence. Bottom line: We’re not alone.

I try to scan for comm signals; I’m getting transmissions, but I can’t fix a location; it’s coming from everywhere.

Head back to the reactor core, and try to avoid the worms.

We’re wandering; we find a room with a door that’s been welded shut. How much this helps against the spirit worms is questionable.

Life detection: There’s nothing alive inside the room. Bring out the fusion torch!

First impression; there are things in the air. Small room, floating things.

Lots of little bits of bones with things carved in them. Doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen. And, on the wall, bigger fractal. It makes us (Crick) hallucinate a humanoid that starts talking to us (well, him).

It introduces itself – in english – as Loknar. It’s a self-aware meme that was created by the ancients and propagated amongst their engineering crews to help with their tech.
-Psychic AI
It asks Crick (only he can see it) to propagate it discretely.

It doesn’t know what happened to the ship; it’s an image in time, so all it remembers is being written on the homeworld.

It can tell him that the ship suffered a warp-core failure.

Read Surface Thoughts: I’m in on the conversation.

The floating ghost things are native to whatever dimension the warp core operated on.

The warp core is toast.

Symbols on the bone; not a variant on ancient. Maybe there was an intelligence here that I couldn’t detect.

We ask it about the guns. They’re cool. More damage. (See the item listing Shuriken Pistols for details)

Back to the bridge; let’s see if we can translate the message left on the console.
It’s probably something the ancients wanted found; it’s probably why the meme initiator was scribed on the wall.

It’s something about a mutiny on the ship. Say WHAT!?

Theory; the warp core explodes, something comes out of the warp core, and people started getting pissed.

NB: The Ancients weren’t psychic.

We’d like to find what happened; let’s see if we can run power. Let’s do jumper cable.
Run a cable to a place near the warp core. How the hell will the worms react to a live ring main?

We get to the junction box. There exist floating worms, mostly around the core itself.

Tim tries feeling it up. He has a good time, but is now bleeding out of various orifices.

We roll recon: Bones gets jumped; he rolled a -3; he has to get jumped. (Strictly obligatory)

What does he get jumped by? it has a LOT of teeth. (Another of the Warp Panthers, as they’ve come to be known)

BRAIN PUNCH: I killed it with my brain!

ANOTHER one comes out.

Alan kills it (I think Bones actually downed it; Alan just wrestled with it because it jumped out of the wall into grappling range with him); I need to medic someone. It takes 5 minutes; I hope nothing jumped us.

We get the boxes in order. To the Bat Bridge!

We’re at the bridge; let’s copy down the logs.
We copy them down, and the power dies. This has many possibilities, none of them good. Let’s go back to the ship…

The ship appears to be fine… That means something’s wrong with the junction box.

The worms are chewing on the wire… LOTS of worms. There were 20 worms. There are more of them. They are multiplying.

We disconnect the power. We GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE (Er, purple and GTFO?)

Recap: We’ve got meds, spam, guns, and a sentient meme. I think that went well.
We have jump fuel. Where to?

0408: high law-level, but DERILICT SPACE STATION!
0406:This system has researchers who might be interested in our junk.
0306: Nice people.
0607: Research and Scout, but we don’t want to go there; advanced tech is the sole property of the king.
0207: High Industry, law level 3.

0207 to off-load our stuff, then to 0408 for SPACE STATION!!!



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