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Houston, We Need Yardgard...

Last time on CMU Traveler:

We gather here today to mourn the passing of John’s third PC kill. We will put his bank account to good use.

We have a lot of salvage, Commander Winston Havelock along for the ride, and a rescue mission on XV 17.

Recon checks: There are five crates that are ticking (er, beeping). We should probably get these off the ship soon… There goes our C4.

We watch the fireworks; the mercs in lifepods are disappointed.

About the lifepods… They can probably make it to XV 17.

To the research station (!planet hell) to investigate Joachim Steuben.

In orbit; they’ve expanded the base in light of the fact that there’s a FWEAKING BIG ANCIENT ARTIFACT right there.

First stop; director to announce our presence, and the new head of security.

Security Dude:
-Steuben took a ship, but they don’t know where he went. No clues in his stuff; his alarm clock was still set. They could NOT crack his computer.

We go to his room. Alan Recons the room, Crick Recons the computer.

Recon: Alan finds some mathematical notes, but they’re pretty theoretical physicist.

Loknar recognizes some of them as ancient symbols, but some are totally foreign; it looks like he’s making up his own notation. He probably got his own copy of Loknar.

We find copies of the notes we took on the derelict, and a download image of Loknar.

2 and 2: the only other thing in the system is the Ancient derelict, and a hell of a lot of moons.

Scan for the cutter’s transponder/ the cutter around the derelict.

If he’s there, he’s either in pieces or in possession of knowledge that we don’t have.

He has a dream journal; the warp reactor features prominently in them, but they eventually degrade to madness.

It looks like he may have contact with something from the other side; if he destabilizes the core further in some kind of summoning ritual, it could be bad.

N.B: How long has it been; about 4 (Months? Weeks? Even I don’t know anymore). How are we doing on life support?

We notify the head of security of our suspicions.
-They couldn’t spare the men to search the derelict.

At the derelict: I <winston> use sensors.

We get close; it’s pretty clear that the warp field is going crazy; the cutter’s in the front landing bay.

We should probably land there, too, with guns facing Toward the ship so we can apply the deeps vigorously in case of space panthers/worms/boobs.

Let’s check the cutter… with guns drawn.

The space worms have eaten the fusion drives, so it’s no longer mobile.

Said space worms aren’t still around; good. Let’s make the ship go dark.

Brooke; do you want to come with us? NOPE!!!

I now have zero G AND vacc suit!!!

Let’s poke around; we have a brain scanner (NAS stolen from Mjolnir Special Project Division), so we can see things before they eat us.

There are no human brains, but there are animal intelligences floating around (fading in and out of reality).

The guy isn’t in the immediate vicinity, but our range is limited.

Let us go forth!!!

Winston: You have very interesting lives…

Crick sees something on his über goggles; he picks up from radiation from the corridor ahead; looks like it’s coming from the space warps. It’s about 60 rads an hour; we’re getting 10 rads an hour, which is still fatal after 5 hours.

Isn’t any worse than inhaling random gasses; consult your doctor if space panthers attack.

Let’s go forth and see if it gets any worse.

The corridor is wibbly-wobbly.

The ship isn’t terrifically wide, so we’ve got NAS cover across the cross section.

The radiation starts going up… 30 rad/hour. Anti-Rad drugs can make up the difference, but we should get out of here fast… Wait. We don’t have anti-rad drugs…

We’re at 10 rads, and it’s getting hotter.

The radiation is due to random encounters; we try the other corridor; miraculously, there is no radiation.

That’s wrong; there exists radiation; 20 rads/hr. Bones can treat that medically with medicine… if we had any. (I believe this note was due to confusion previously, where they failed a sensors check to determine the level of radiation in the other corridor, and got a lower estimate than the actual value. I don’t think there was more radiation in this corridor.)

Let’s get to engineering; the guy was a warp engineer dreaming about the warp core.

Space starts doing the samba; we get lost for only 10 minutes due to Crick’s amazing mental trans-dimensional physics. (There was a warping of space, and Knowledge (Theoretical Physics) could be used to escape the Kleinbottle)

Engineering (50 rads, 3 hrs of air)

At this point, we’re feeling woozy.

3 damage; 4 end.

We’re looking for a big room with a big fweaking sphere in the middle and a big fweaking hole in the sphere.

There are no maggots, but there are symbols written in a green ichor of an unknown origins.

Ichor: Bones tastes it… Not really (Good thing for his health, too). No fweaking clue. We take a sample.

The symbols: Looks like the stuff from the notes, and it looks something like the stuff that was the floating bones we found before.

Hypothesis: Something in the warp doesn’t like our universe. It took over an Ancient engineer, but that guy went nuts before he could bring the demon through to this reality.

Also: Evidence of gunfire. (There was some debate about whether gauss weapons leave shell casings, so we ended up going with the more general statement0

Recon: The ichor starts moving; it starts boiling; and then there are maggots.

There are about 15 of them;


11 init

Winston; let’s see what kind of damage a shotgun does to them.

19 damage before armor; to shreds, you say?

It’s disabled; 2 maggots left… In that group.

5 ammo.

Alan throws a grenade… we DID ask what crazy thing he does…

now THEM!!!

Alan and I now has maggots in our squares.

I apply the shotgun very vigorously; they’re made of goo; they explode.

Tim applies grenades vigorously; he misses. How do you miss with a grenade?

Alan throws the grenade true, but it goes through it a tiny wormhole, and lands… right next to crick. (Ah, warping of spacetime… is there anything you can’t explain?)

he’s okay. (After last session, we looked up the rules for dodging explosions…)

Bones, on the other hand, gets picked up by the maggots and dragged to the warp core…

I get grappled by a maggot… Dammit, man!!

Alan also gets grappled by maggots. Now he isn’t.

endurance 0, Str 5; I don’t care

Next round of shotgun: TO SHREDS YOU SAY!!!!

Alan uses… Another grenade. The maggots are now very much dispersed.

Bones; while you were in the warp core, did you see anything?
-I saw EVERYTHING!!! You really should stick your head in there!

Hypothesis: I have a very good idea as to what happened to Steuben.

Radiation: The geiger counter is clicking out the prime numbers.

While we boogie back to the ship, what about the closet with the bones. The bones are gone, and the symbol is different; do we have any dim people in the room?

Loknar runs anti-virus on the new symbol: it’s going to take a couple hours, so back to the ship. Let’s not take a picture of this one…

GTFO back to the ship.

Random encounter: Space boobs!!! Just keep walking… Just keep walking… (Don’t remember this one… maybe I rolled “Flee” on the Random Creature Reaction table)

80 rads.

More radiation.

The other corridor is clear, but we need Crick (More warped space; he doesn’t roll so well this time). Takes us about 2 hours to find our way out. We’re fine, but we need to breathe funny air… (Causing basically more nausea; -1 to all rolls. They give extra air to Crick so he can keep navigating; everybody else is on the local atmosphere)

More random encounters: We stagger out of the corridor into the landing bay, and there are 3 space boobs in our ship.

They’re not necessarily hostile; let’s try shooing them off our ship. Two shoo gracefully, the third bites Crick. That happens a lot around here.

I shotgun the hell out of it. IT’S STILL ALIVE!!!

Tim misses, and Bones destroys it.

I don’t really care what happened to the physicist guy; why the hell did we come back here?

What did Bones see: The whole of space and time; the warp core is acting as a gate to somewhere…

We still haven’t checked the bridge.

Let’s scan the bridge; we can get within 500 meters (NAS range). There is definitely stuff in the bridge; there exist many panthers.

We spend a week in Rio, and by Rio I mean Rehab.

What’s the ship doing? Getting worse. We’ve had to move out further to avoid it.

5 days into the week, it implodes and disappears. Well, that about wraps it up for Steuben.

The science station is surprised.

Did the telescope see anything? Nothing more than we did, but 2 weeks have passed in the rest of the universe for our one week next to the derelict.

We give up on this system; We’re tired of getting bitten by space boobs.

Jump to the gun-running planet; a week of training.

We’re at the gun-running planet; 0305

New Mars (Nuevo Marte): Primary planet is a small, airless rock. Mainly a mining system, but with rebels. Yep, it’s mars.

We land; it’s a fuel pump with a crane (Class D starport). We need it, since we took hull damage and structure damage from the trader ship.

Hull is just spare parts and time, but structure is a 500k.

I get 200k from Tsilri’s account… <as><retcon:>t know about it before.

We need TL14 vacc suits; to Highport, you say!



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