CMU Traveller




1113-ILR18-A left with university on world 0307, attached tracking device on frequency ███.██. Cover agent 473E97-BROOK-O-2 left to ensure artifact’s safety.

During a sortie into Imperium territory to acquire materiel, cover group 496EC7-CRICK-B-COVER-6 encountered an Imperium blockade and a derelict ship. Ship structure was unharmed but only one crewman survived due to sabotage by ship’s engineer – jump engines coated with unknown symbols related to dimensional anomaly found in XV-17, codename WARP. Activation of engines apparently resulted in reactor drain and creation of extradimensional entity [SEE DOCUMENT WARP-294A9C-B -DIRECTOR]. Extradimensional entities were exterminated, surviving crewman was rescued. Sabotage believed to be the work of a mental infection by a derivative of memetic AI system designation 000FF7-LOKNAR-2, designated 000E8F-MALNAR-1. AI 000FF7-LOKNAR-2 suggested a memetic “patch” to block infection by 000E8F-MALNAR-1.

Certain information was gained from apparently extradimensional entity possessing cover group member 984AE8-BONES-I-MCS-1. Entity evidently under contract to deliver strictly true information in return for doses of radiation damage. Information empirically determined to be highly accurate – retrieval of 984AE8-BONES-I-MCS-1 and memetic infection would be highly valuable. Internal tracking device planted, frequency ██.██.

Patch transmitted to Imperium blockade – planet apparently overrun by memetic AI 000E8F-MALNAR-1. AI disabled in computer core at space port. Information from computer core indicated location of another artifact, designated 1113-ILR18-B. Warehouse roof destroyed by ship weapons fire, interrupting a ritual of some kind. Humans around artifact were mutated. Artifact had additional symbols layered over Illurian symbols, changing the nature of the artifact and the energy emitted.

9745BC-STEUB-K-PHY-1 traced to catacombs under capitol city – believed to be highly corrupted by WARP influence. Target eliminated; however, his death instigated some kind of reaction with artifact 1113-ILR18-B and attempted to create a large extradimensional entity [SEE DOCUMENT █████████████ -DIRECTOR]. Entity created but contained by memetic inscription. Revealed that 1113-ILR18-B can be restored to functionality by re-inscribing symbols. Inscription requires catalyst mixture of living WARP entity “blood” and blood from dead “innocent” human. Testing on “innocent” inconclusive – Imperium priest blood used to good effect. Artifact restored to functionality and used to destroy entity ███████████████. However, artifact 1113-ILR18-B lost to Imperium agents. Audio bug and tracking device on frequency ███.██. Confirmed that Imperium has remaining portion of entire device. Map designation 1113-ILR18-M appears to track locations of all pieces.

Usefulness of cover group 496EC7-CRICK-B-COVER-6 deemed low. Recommend capture of ship, 1113-ILR18-M, and 984AE8-BONES-I-MCS-1. Will be passing through 0307 in three or four weeks – engines and stardrives will be disabled then. Equipment will be sabotaged as much as possible. Full details of cover group in document 496EC7-CRICK-B-COVER-6. Agent 496EC7-CRICK-B-CRS-1 requesting transfer to Infiltrator status to re-acquire 1113-ILR18-B and related artifact pieces.

Memetic “Patch”, catacomb blueprints, and tracking device details included in Incident document 4250109.



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