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Concerning Explosives

Last time on CMU Traveler:

What didn’t happen?

Makkan is dead, we have a large levitating psy amplifier, and… we’re off the map.

The Ancient map so far; We’ve hit the east-ish location, and still have the south-ish and west-ish location

5 weeks back to Vega. Crick gets a message that we don’t see.

Bones meets a short fat Italian & a tall thin German guy by failing his streetwise roll; Guido and Hans. They are very curious about a certain shipment of porn.

He persuades them they don’t want it back. They are interested in our ability to make cargo and ships disappear (Ships referring to the Bane of Heathens; since it was last seen pursuing the rather outgunned Endeavor, and it’s no longer pursuing, they inferred its destruction). They have a piece of cargo disappeared… to a certain buyer.

They’re actually members of a rebellion; we’re a spy, a war criminal, an almost-nuclear terrorist, and a very shady doctor

Alan gambles… Alan gambles a lot. The gods of gambling rolled terribly; he’s happy.

So… about money. We assume we’re picking up enough passengers to keep us in dough; anything extra is extra.

I’m shopping for replacements for the supplies I got resurrected with (Medicinal slow and whatnot), and I hobnob with the duke.

Crick talks with the scouts and checks out the missing persons rosters… he’s not on it…

#define he… (Mystery! Suspense! Suspicion!)

Tim has a mission; the scouts want Alan to find a missing person… This is the exact inverse of what he normally does.

Joachim Steuben: A physicist who was last seen in the XV 17 research outpost.

Who is he?

Do we know if this is actually a scouts mission…? nope. Crick could be setting us up.

He actually has marginal success; something’s rotten in Vega. (Marginal success at deceiving the party)

Back on the ship: we now have two jobs.

Logistics of stealing: We need to intercept and somehow divert a shipment that’ll arrive in another system in 2 weeks; we can get there in 1.

Problem; fooling them would be very tough; lots of faking.

Possibility: They load the ship, we get them off (aw yeah), and then we steal it.

Possibility: They pass through XV 17 to refuel; we could jump them there.

The Plan we like: I get the crew off and keep them amused. The people with pilot get on and take the ship out of there. Crick sabotages so that there aren’t any passengers or other innocent bystanders. Alan flies the ship out and takes all blame if we get caught.

1 week of jump, 1 week of waiting…

The Planet: Law Level 8… Me porting out in case of danger might be dangerous…

Level 8 law, industrial and high population; it’s Space China!!!

Crick does an epic job of kaboshing their passenger system; only Bones gets accepted.

We’re onboard, crick’s on board… and the mercenaries are on board.


Mercs: Combat armor, auto weapons…

Brooke and I apply the 60s vigorously

There exists party cat:

Bones not only gets zonked, but he also finds the best spot within walking distance.

DRAT!!! The crew runs off the ship, but the mercs are divided. Two of them are stoners, but the rest are dry… DRAT!!!

We’re down to 3 mercs.

Bones: “4 mercs on shp”
Alan: “lol”

Query: how much are these dudes getting paid?
-The company’s getting 500k. We’re really not bribing them.

How’re we gonna play this…

Alan, Crick, and I take down the guards. Brooke and Bones go party.
-Everyone at party is very drunk, and Bones is out…

How do we avoid getting known?

Battle time!!!

Actually: A plan. Hack the starship’s main computer and evacuate the air. Problem; they have combat armor.

Trigger a fake alarm on the upper deck and open the doors.

Marginal failure: we trigger a hacker alarm… on the upper level!!

Clairvoyance: I see them (two of three mercs) run upstairs.

We open the doors!!!

Alan tries to stun-grenade the combat armor person… (doesn’t go so well…)

I try to brain rape the guy… Of all the mercs in the world, I had to pick the einstein; int 12!!! (All merc stats rolled randomly, in order. The dice have spoken)

I’m switching to pistol.

He auto-fires RAM grenades… OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!! (Again, the dice. There were three mercs, two with gauss rifles and one with a RAM grenade launcher. I rolled a d6 to choose, and RAM came up)

And, we’re all Scooby-doo-ed in one square… OH FWEAKING CRAP!!!

I am very unconscious and am very much about to die.

AND that was only the first grenade; I am very, very dead.


Concerning the merc: he is very dumb and about to reload…

We’re getting the hell out of here.

So… New plan.

While they’re partying, they meet Commander Winston Havelock!!! He saw a party, and decided to join in!

He’s kind of out of work due to his drinking problem…

Metagame; what do we do about the artifact? That’s why Brooke is here.

We still need to worry about their ship

We still need to worry about Alan; he has been perforated (significantly; still ambulatory, though).

Back at the bar; Bones meets Commander Winston Havelock (me), the captain of the ship we just tried to steal… He manages to convince him/me to join their cause.

I volunteer to sabotage the jump drive once we get there.

This is where we make our exit in vacc suits with Bone’s scooty-puff junior?

Mercenary Einstein is probably onto us… Didn’t my last incarnation brain rape him?

Doesn’t matter; there exist escape pods.

“Leave the ship, or we will add your ship to this gas giant’s derelict collection.”

They may or may not have a turret; their response is a laser blast.

Do a barrel roll!!!

They still get off a hit, but we has armor. Our maneuver drive is hit. It’s disabled. Dammit. We jury-rig it; less dammit.

They get hit for a fuel leak: they have no fuel and can’t refuel, AND they can’t possibly hit us.

Dodge: They missed already, but we used our point of thrust

They shoot at us again; effect 0
-hull damage; 3 hull, 4 structure.

We hit them: 2 hull hits.

Alan takes over piloting from me; I go help with gunning (using sensors to task chain assist gunnery).

Gunnery got a bad roll, but we’re shooting an immobile barn door.


We’re sort of out of hull; it hits the bridge.


I get hit: DAMMIT!!!

End reduced to 0.

Bones heals me; I’m back to full.

Dammit, man!

Crick carves a big “Z” in the enemy ship from a safe distance.

The mercs aren’t being paid that much… (they finally pop the escape pods once it becomes clear they can’t fire back)


1) Get the cargo
2) Repair the ship
3) salvage?

I fix the ship.

Get the turret: tough.

In 2 hours, we get the weapon.

Let’s take the turret; it’s worth 1.5 mill!!!

We eject 3 tons of guns; turret’s probably worth more.

Their ship is formidably damaged; this is a score on Alan’s dread pirate sheet. (Arrr! He now qualifies for membership of the Council of Captains of the Narval System in the Corbron cluster.)


We refuel… Notice that we’re next to the planet where the missing person was.

Hi there, research colony.

They’ve done a lot of expansion since we were here, but they don’t have a real starport.




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