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Last time on CMU Trav: Freaky Deeky shit happened.

-We have a radioactive tainted artifact and a mad man heading for the cathedral.

To restore the artifact, we need to mix the blood of alive demon and the blood of a dead innocent to make mystical paint remover.

Problem: get the paint remover; we need an innocent. There’s an AI massacre going on. We need a demon: One’s about to pop into existence in the cargo hold.

Problem: What do we write once we’ve used the paint remover.

Problem: There’s a nut with a cathedral…

Cathedral kind of wins… (D’oh… I’d expected them to at least ask more questions about the relic first. Oh well…)

The Catacombs!!! (N.B: There may exist imperium forces…)

The capital is mobbed by AI slaves. Imhotep… Imhotep…

The Cathedral: Fortress cathedral: damn big, damn tough, and the imperium holds it. We has clearance to land in the southern chapel of celestial ascension (the glass windows open)

We rig the starship lasers to fire from the outside. The Imperium is happy.

We land: a group of marines and a priest (probably important; he’s got bling). We’re slightly unnerved.

Inquisitor Weiskopf:
-Thanks us for the malware patch; why are we here?

The guy’s in the catacombs.

That shouldn’t be possible, but we have a mad AI and a teleporting bad guy on the loose.

Now, we go to catacombs, kemosabe. You follow.

The catacombs; there are a bunch of creepy things under the cathedral
-Fusion reactor
-Life support

Possible targets; fusion reactors, reliquary.

We have no clue where he could be; let’s try the main door.

It’s guarded by a few marines; let’s question them
-They didn’t see anything; they’re happy with not being shot at.

Any psy influence?
-I felt hungry…

We head down, with Sister Bertrille, the flying nun. (She can’t really fly; there’s no wind)

It’s dusty… too dusty…

There exists computers; let’s check them.

Investigate: I find footprints; there were people here recently. Footprints going in, none going out. Few go to reactor, lots go toward reliquary.

Big boom is big, but if they get another one of the artifacts, we’re screwed.

Security cameras in the reactor area? PROBABLY!!!
-Get to the reactor room, NOW!!!

There send the marines. If they don’t kill it, we’re toast.

Reliquary: We head towards it; it looks like we have two armored (not battle dress) and two unarmored individuals.

We catch up to them a bit before the reliquary.

MAKKAN IS BACK!!! (Obviously… it had to happen.)

init 12

Tactics: 12

They still get surprise.

We have: Rognath the barbarian, Q , and MAKKAN!!!

Crick: Grazed Makkan

Alan: Nades!!! (Makkan and Q dive for cover, minimal damage)

ALAN GOT HIT… for one damage. Lol.

Alan is angry. The barbarian is more so.

Makkan is pissed. Makkan fires an RPG (RAM grenade). Alan tackles it (he used a reaction an d an athletics check to jump into the grenade and spare the rest of the party). He is just fine. Makkan claps, Q runs.

I hit the barbarian with the greatsword. HE PARRIES!!! Lol. (Wrognath was on combat stimulants for an extra reaction, and had saved it for parrying in honorable single combat).

I get hit by the barbarian. I’m not happy, but I’m alive. I’m at 6 Dex and no END

Crick: for the love of god, shoot him. He does; Rognath is not happy. (By which we mean unconscious)

Alan shoots Makkan. MAKKAN TAKES DAMAGE!!!

Crick shoots Makkan. Makkan isn’t real happy.

Alan shoots Makkan. Makkan REALLY isn’t real happy.

Bones shoots Makkan. (They were hitting him for like 2 damage per shot. He had TL14 Combat Armor and 3 subdermal)

Makkan Shoots Bones. Ouch.

Crick shoots Makkan. It bounces.

Alan drops a grenade. I didn’t say it was armed. Crick now needs to get the grenade. (the plan was for Crick to throw the grenade to get Makkan to dive for cover, and then for Alan to throw another grenade for effect)

Alan shoots Makkan. He is less happy than he was earlier.

This is the longest trav combat yet… (So much armor…)



Alan shoots Makkan… again…

Makkan shoots Alan… again… Alan is not happy; we need to end this now.

I suppress Makkan!!!


Crick: It scatters… like mad… but not into us!!! (Snake-eyes and untrained.)

Alan shoots Makkan. It bounces.

We run away. RUN AWAY!!!

wait… what happened to the nun…?

Makkan shoots me. Headshot. (Seriously… 27 out of 30 possible damage on 5d6, plus effect. That would’ve killed anyone in the party.)


It’s not my turn now.

Crick: GT-ing the F O!!

Tim: RUN AWAY!!! (Cutscene: Alan sees himself fighting Makkan to the death, but realizes that since the rest of the party is gone, he wouldn’t be protecting anyone, and that he can do more good by surviving to kill Makkan later than dying to not-kill him now.)

I’m sort of down a character. Sister Bertrille, The psychic laser-rifle toting… nun…?


I am the abbot of the catacomb dwelling monks.

We need to get to the reliquary.

_(Meanwhile, Bones patched up Crick, Alan, and himself (though he realized that as a result of his pact, his blood had turned corrosive, halving the effects of Medic and drugs as it ate through stitches and otherwise counteracted things).
Crick stealthily followed Makkan’s blood trail deeper into the catacombs, finding and disarming a tripwire grenade and finally taking a shot at him from hiding.
Makkan survived, and hid behind a pillar.
Alan was informed, and subsequently came forward noisily. “The difference between you and me, Makkan, is that I have friends. Friends with medical expertise.”
Alan tried to dislodge him with a RAM grenade, but rolled terrible damage which was soaked by armor.
Alan then ran forward and shot at Makkan at short range… rolling snake-eyes. We think he was still using the trigger on the grenade launcher.
Makkan aimed and shot Alan one more time with the laser rifle before dying under a hail of gauss pellets which continued to fly until Alan ran out of ammo, at which point he was reduced to stomping until Bones pulled him away to tend the laser-wound.

Conclusion: BBEG Down.)_

We hear a rather large boom from down the hall. God freaking… Curses.

Radiation is up. The reliquary has been vaporized by a small nuke. (It was actually the Clint pocketnuke; Joachim’s copy of Loknar knew its location)

We sneak. They don’t see us. Who and where are they.

Joachim is standing with his back to the entrance, working on something…
Q is watching the entrance, but does not see us.

Crick Headshots Joachim. That about wraps that up…

I smite Q.

Joachim’s pieces start glowing. That would be bad…

Radiation levels are rising, by kind of alot.

Let’s ask the demon:
-What’s going on?
-Malnar’s demonic ascension: “Killing the follower of the demon <bam> is NOT one of the ways to reverse the spell, and will in fact immediately bring forth the fear demon!”
-Can we stop it?
-If we could implode the warp rift, then we could stop this. Loknar…? There is the artifact…
-The demon can teach us to make a binding diagram in blood. Thankfully, we have a lot of corpses lying around; draw swiftly, and draw well. (Bones used Medic + Dex (justification: drawing really really precisely is a lot like performing surgery), rolled 11.)

I start praying very, very fast.

Our prayers are answered; Bones rolls well. The fate of the world rests on a sketch.

A green, glowing… 40 ft tall… made of spikes… figure materializes, and is bound.

Never, ever, ever enter this room, AGAIN.

There exist rads; it’s made of radiation, and it’s made of meme. The nun goes insane. Crick has a patch.

How do we get rid of this?
-An uncorrupted relic could be used to destroy this.

The imperium; there exists a demon.
-They aren’t surprised; evil religions always know about the demons, and never tell people until the demon’s trying to take over the planet.

We GTFO away from the radiation. There was an artifact.

The artifact; it’s a fragment of one of the annulus pieces… In an imperial reliquary.

We have or know the location of 2/3 + epsilon of an annulus.

Trip to blood bank; “we need type O-negative that has never killed someone…”

Let’s try for an on-planet solution. We need blood, demon blood, and a psychic.

We leave. The Inquisitor:
-We caught the guy going for the reactor.

There’s a radiation demon in the vault. It’s bound. Don’t touch the binding circle… it was there when we got there…

-How did you know?

Bones: someone’s probing his brain. There is a psychic on the planet.

They’re aware of the artifact; they probably want more answers.

It looks like we can use the giant green glowing thing in our ship to get rid of the giant green glowing guy in the basement.

Problem; we need a psychic… And did any nuns get caught in the crossfire?
-Umm… Deception? Given the setup, we succeed marvelously.

Better plan: Where’s your morgue?

We have blood.

Question: You’re handling the radiation-blasting demon situation pretty well…
-One of the revelations of the first prophet that’s been kept hush-hush is that these things are out there. That’s why the church and the Imperium exist; it’s the watcher council with nukes.

How do we subdue it without killing it? (The Shadow Demon in the ship’s hold)
-A boatload of stun grenades.

We have the Inquisitor’s full cooperation.

One more thing: this is a piece of annulus. What’s it doing here?
-Me: It’s a gift of the Ancestors.
-Inquisitor: While we have the rest of the artifact, the rest of it isn’t here.

Incidentally; 98% of the population is dead. Let’s go shopping.

Let’s get stuff.
We has stuff.

We have a snoring demon that needs to visit the red cross.

We mix blood of the dead innocents and blood of the live demon. We have mystical paint remover.

Apply mystical paint remover, and re-carve symbols.

Imperium: We’ll take it from here. There must be bugs.

They play with it for a while; they wind up putting it in the vaults, after banishing the demon.

There’s chanting, some screaming, more chanting, and then silence.

I have a problem; the monks are inquisited.

Let’s get the hell off the planet before the imperium decides to inquisit us…

We have the map; where’s the last piece of the artifact?

The last piece is deep in imperial space. Let’s just get the hell out of there…

We have survived the Memeplague and rise of demons. What happens next, will probably involve hawaiian shirts and sand.

(DM’s Epilogue:

Dr. Reinhart’s body was returned to his homeworld and buried with ceremony.

Crick returned to infiltrator status with the assumed identity “Juan Carlos”, probably after selling the remaining party members out to Mjolnir for interrogation.

Bones and Alan stuck together, mainly because they couldn’t agree on who would keep the ship if they split.

Makkan didn’t stay dead this time, either – he’d made a pact with a daemon to not rest until Alan was dead.

The rebels of New Mars won their independence due to their equal training and superior armaments.

The Malnar Cults that Joachim propagated on Clint, Hamilton Station, and Atoll between his infection and his attack on Highport continued to exercise malign influence.

Brook remained at the Psionics Institute on Lotus. They used the artifact’s psionic ansible capabilities to help coordinate the Rebellion’s efforts.

However, the Imperium, with two pieces of the artifact, was probably able to crush the Rebellion and the Shapers within another decade or so…

Barring further action from our, or other, heroes.

Roll credits.




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