Welcome to the CMU Traveller page. Midnight and True20 got old, but the plot and characters were good, so we reskinned everything and now carry on with Traveller.

Also, wiki link.

Dates of play:
14 January 2011: Character creation
21 January 2011: Eye of the Ancients
28 January 2011: Ghost Ship
5 February 2011: A Tangled Web
12 February 2011: On the Run
19 March 2011: Concerning Explosives
26 March 2011: Houston, We Need Yardgard
2 April 2011: Memeplague
24 April 2011: Ascension

And then end of semester. I don’t think it’s going to continue next semester – many games to play, and only so many weeks. It’s been a good run.

CMU Traveller

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